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Foundations of Brainclouds eBook Cover

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Brain in Brief

Can you explain how the brain works while standing on one foot?
How do neurons communicate with each other?

Chapter 2: Getting Excited About Collective Excitations

What are collective excitations?
What makes collective behavior interesting?
What are the necessary conditions to create collective modes?
What are dynamical solids, liquids, and gases?
Why did collective excitations evolve in biology?

Chapter 3: Brain Clouds

Does the brain have the necessary ingredients for collective excitations?
What are brain clouds?
Is epilepsy a disease of pathological brain clouds?
What empirical evidence do we have that brain clouds exist?
What is the role of brain clouds in perception?
Can brain clouds form hierarchical networks?
Where does the cascade of brain clouds terminate?
How do brain clouds code for time varying stimuli?
How does attention shape brain cloud formation?
How can we approach the study of brain clouds?